Music Production

Music production

Do you want to produce your original song like your favourite artist?

You just came into the right place!


About me:

Michael Kobrin, producer & songwriter, graduate of BPM college of music & production.

Also known as a fingerstyle guitarist signed with Candyrat records.Albums & singles that Michael produced are being heard all over the world.

  • Promotional advice
  • Live instruments
    + VST tools.
  • *Arrangement
  • Different genres
  • Great price
  • Great Sound
How it works:

  • Book your Skype call.
  • I’ll listen to your song.
  • We’ll talk about your goals & style.
  • Send me your vocals.
  • I’ll make you a great production.
  • Mix & Mastering.
  • Enjoy your hit!
  • Extra promotion tips (on the house).

Book a free call:

From the press & TV:


Book a free call:

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